Xdating com parinita

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Xdating com parinita

Parineeti said that her mom went to see her dad at a singing performance where her (Parineeti’s) father and Priyanka Chopra’s father were performing Parineeti’s mother fell in love with her father and married him. Chopra is proud that Parineeti hasn’t changed in all these years.

‘Parineeti has always been exactly the same person as she is today … a say – it – like – it- is sort of girl’, said her mom.

She shares a very good bonding with her bro Shivang.

This 31 year old television star has appeared in several popular TV serials and also a few Bollywood movies as a supporting actress.

Lets check the wiki of Parineeta Borthakur including her husband name to family background detail.

She (Parineeti) used to judge films and actors and feel they were useless and would often tell her sis, ‘You have such an easy job.

You just have to wear good clothes and travel the world and make money.’ Priyanka would get very disturbed and say, ‘You don’t know what acting is.’ But all that seemed to be theory for her (Parineeti)!

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However her parents Probin and Rina Borthakur, wanted her to become a singer.

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