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Validating excel cells

When the Data Validation window appears, set up your criteria.In this example, we've setup the cells to allow a positive number. Enter an Error message to appear when data entered does not conform to the validation rules.Select the cells that you wish to restrict to a positive numbers. Select the Data tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen.Then in the Data Tools group, click on the Data Validation drop-down and select .Among other things, you may want to allow only particular data type such as numbers or dates in a cell, or limit numbers to a certain range and text to a given length.You may even want to provide a predefined list of acceptable entries to eliminate possible mistakes.

When setting up a workbook for your users, you may often want to control information input into specific cells to make sure all data entries are accurate and consistent.Excel Data Validation allows you to do all these things in all versions of Microsoft Excel 2016, 20013, 2010 and lower.Excel Data Validation is a feature that restricts (validates) user input to a worksheet.You can also click anywhere within the box, and then select the cell on the sheet.For example, to allow any whole number other than the number in A1, pick the box: To take a step further, you can enter a formula in the referenced cell, and have Excel validate the input based on that formula.

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Instead of copying data validation to other cells, you can convert your dataset to an Excel table.

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