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This allowed just one cruel pull on the hanging loop of twine to jerk both dildoes inside the girl at once.

Not being at all flexible, when the wood was jerked it caused violent pain.

In her vagina she had a short length of broom handle, a matching length was inserted deep in her anus.

Ilsa had drilled holes through the wooden dowels and threaded twine through the holes so that both implements were tied together.

And the destruction was glorious, the balls digging in to soft girl meat, wrenching little gobbets of raw flesh from the galvanised bodies, the buried dildoe, the breast hooks, the hidden petals of the expanded anal pear, and the many loops of brutal razor wire starting to rip the sisters to shreds after just the first of dozens of wickedly violent strokes.

Ilsa could feel splatters of warm blood splash her body.

It had ripped the lining of the girls vagina when Ilsa hammered it in, and blood still oozed from the distended and somewhat shredded labia.She began to come, rocking back and forth, actually crying out in her delicious excitement as her orgasm rippled from her flaming loins and shuddered through every inch of her body.Karl was ripping the cunt bitches to shreds, huge gashes torn in shapely buttocks, ripped into soft breast meat, slicing open legs and torso as he savaged the linked bodies, his own cum spurting from his cock when the hooks ripped through the hung breasts and that girl sort of tumbled down but still connected to the steel baseball bat.It had six strands of finely woven steel, and at the end of each strand were three spiked weighted balls.A truly wondrous creation by a craftsman of cruelty, but one that was of little use to most whip masters as it was so violently destructive.

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Now she knew that her instinctive fears had been justified.