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Rural dating

Covers: planning and scheduling maintenance work, maintenance budgeting and cost control, valves (global, check, diaphragm, etc.), hydrants (fire), installation, location, preventative maintenance, inspection, hand tools, and safety.A general course in operation and maintenance of water and wastewater pumps and motors including descriptions of various types, applications, and factors affecting selection of pumps and motors; electric power transmission, instrumentation and controls; proper installation and alignment; proper maintenance, installation and/or replacement of bearings, packing, and mechanical seals; planning and scheduling of maintenance work; selection, storing, and application of lubricants; hand tools; safety; maintenance budgeting and cost control.

Math skills are reviewed and applied to specific problems of chemical dosage and other chemical calculations.

Basic Water Works Operations 0 | (20 credit hours) Groundwater Production 0 | (20 credit hours) Surface Water Production 1 5 | (24 credit hours) Surface Water Production 2 5 | (20 credit hours) Water Distribution 0 | (20 credit hours) Water Laboratory 0 | (20 credit hours) Water Sampling and Field Analysis 5 | (8 credit hours) Water Technology 0 | (40 credit hours) Advanced Math 5 | (10 credit hours) Applied Confined Space Safety 5 | (8 credit hours) Chlorinator Systems & Chemical Handling 5 | (Chlorinator Maintenance) (20 credit hours) Chlorinator Use, Handling, & SCBA 5 | (8 credit hours) Customer Service Inspections & Cross-Connection Control 5 | (16 credit hours) Basic Math 5 | (8 credit hours) Pump and Motor Maintenance 5 | (20 credit hours) Valve and Hydrant Maintenance 5 | (20 credit hours) Utility Calculations 5 | (20 credit hours) Utility Management 5 | (20 credit hours) Utility Safety 5 | (20 credit hours) Basic Wastewater Operations 0 | (20 credit hours) Operation of Activated Sludge Plants 0 | (20 credit hours) Wastewater Collection 0 | (20 credit hours) Wastewater Laboratory 0 | (20 credit hours) Wastewater Technology 0 | (40 credit hours) Wastewater Treatment 0 | (20 credit hours) A basic course in water works operation that introduces the student to the relationship between safe potable (drinking) water and health, and the important role that the water operator plays in maintaining adequate, safe drinking water supplies.

An overall view of the water cycle is presented together with a general description of the responsibilities of water system personnel and the need for regulation of the water utility industry to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

This is a one-day refresher course designed to help water and wastewater professionals improve their math skills.

The course reviews the basic mathematical concepts including volume, capacity, detention time, round (circular) objects, volume (capacity) of a tank or cylinder, the "pounds” formula, and percent.

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Major topics include public health protection, the Milwaukee water-borne disease experience, comprehensive performance evaluations, Texas Optimization Program, source water management, evaluation of raw water quality, identifying laboratory equipment, process control test, p H, turbidity, temperature, total alkalinity and jar testing, an overview of steps to complete treatment, physical and chemical pre-treatment, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, filter operation, disinfection, safety, rules and regulations, recordkeeping, and math skills.

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