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Spawn parachute Dial "3595557272" on the cell phone.

Change weather and brightness Dial "4685550100" on the cell phone.Remove ammunition limit ("The Lost And Damned" DLC) Get a 100% game completion in "The Lost And Damned" bonus downloadable content.Bonus weapons ("The Lost And Damned" DLC) Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon at your safehouse: Free guns ("The Lost And Damned" DLC) Successfully complete all gang wars to get free guns from Terry.Spawn Buzzard helicopter Dial "3595552899" on the cell phone.Spawn Floater boat Dial "9385550150" on the cell phone.

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She will compliment Niko for wearing expensive clothing and driving expensive cars. Method: Take him bowling, drinking, eating, strip clubs, shows, helicopter tours, and boating to reach 70% friendship.

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