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In earlier OHC systems, including inter-war Morrises and Wolseleys, oil leaks in the lubrication systems were also an issue.

In an inline engine, this means there is one camshaft in the head, whilst in an engine with more than one cylinder head, such as a V engine or a horizontally-opposed engine (boxer; flat engine) – there are two camshafts, one per cylinder bank.

In the SOHC design, the camshaft operates the valves directly, traditionally via a bucket tappet; or via an intermediary rocker arm.

SOHC cylinder heads are generally less expensive to manufacture than double overhead camshaft (DOHC) cylinder heads.

V6, V8 – where two cylinder banks meet to form a "V") with two camshafts in total remain SOHC unless each cylinder bank has two camshafts; the latter are DOHC, and are often known as "quad cam".

Although the term "twin cam" is often used to refer to DOHC engines, it is imprecise, as it includes designs with two block-mounted camshafts.

However, Moto Czysz has designed a motorcycle engine with a triple overhead camshaft configuration, with the intake ports descending through the cylinder head to two central intake ports between two outside exhaust camshafts actuating one of two exhaust valves per cylinder each.

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Examples of DOHC engines with two valves per cylinder include the Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine and the engine of the Jaguar XK6.

Most recent DOHC engines are multivalve, with between three and five valves per cylinder.

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This system uses one camshaft for each bank of cylinder heads, with the cams operating directly onto the inlet valve(s), and indirectly, through a short rocker arm, on the exhaust valve(s).