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On one side, Parker has more than a bit of hero worship going on.

He wants nothing more than to be a key cog in Stark's life both as a person and as an Avenger.

This latest take on the character saw his debut in Disney/Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, where the webslinger was once again recast and retooled, this time as a protg of billionaire playboy Tony Stark, a.k.a. All of the Spider-Man films (and most comic book movies, for that matter) have been major financial success and to some degree have all been critical successes, too, so it's no surprise to see the studios continue to churn them out at breakneck speed.

But here are just a few of the million-dollar questions: at what point does it all just begin to look and feel the same?

That said, Homecoming does rehash many other of the same things audiences have seen before.

Action scenes see Parker battling his enemy on large scales and through swaths of destruction.

Environments come to life with impressive accuracy and attention to detail, and never do edges smudge or smear.

Skin textures are pleasantly complex as visible in close-up, as are clothes and Spider-Man's costume in particular; the latter always surprises with the level of tangible complexity evident in zoomed-in shots of the mask, where the finest fabric details are visible with obvious textural elements.

As Parker navigates the excitement of his prospects and pines after a girl (Laura Harrier), his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) discovers his secret masked, web-slinging identity. Most of the first half and much of the rest of the movie is built around dry humor that often get a laugh but grows a bit tiresome as the film seems ever more intent on generating laughter rather than showcasing action or building character.

On the other side, Stark, less outwardly infectious than the overeager Parker, sees in the boy an opportunity to mold someone in a way his father never could with him.

Yes Stark is a success, but he finds in the boy an opportunity to be the father figure his never was and he may never be unless he and Pepper Potts get down to business at some point soon.

He fights to save innocent people in harm's way, using all his might and superpowers to hold up an elevator or keep a boat afloat.

But that's true of practically all of the Superhero movies.

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Black levels hold very deep for the duration, critical in the film's numerous dark and nighttime scenes. Very mild noise is visible in a few places, but the image appears otherwise clean at the source and is encoded efficiently.