Fuck buddy chat room

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Fuck buddy chat room

CPT Kern couldnt believe he was lucky enough to have this man as his mentor.

Twice selected below the zone for promotion and with a successful stint at the Ranger Regiment under his belt, LTC Wald was considered a fast-mover.

He shifted nervously trying to ensure his 7.5 inch cock didnt burst unceremoniously through his Army OCP uniform. Major Brian Maddisons thick bubble butt had had CPT Kern mesmerized since he first laid eyes on it all those years ago at his initial officers training. As he got closer, CPT Kern realized the noises were coming from the conference room. He thought as the fatigue from the late evening started to creep through his body. Whoever constructed the conference room apparently never considered the fact that people would be there at night because the light switch was more elusive than the lockness monster.

LTC Wald sauntered up to CPT Kern, Lets step into the empty conference room to have a chat. He slowed down and approached the door he thought had slammed shut. This mouse and cat scenario had gotten old and the person could have easily gone through a different door and be miles away at his point.Everybody, please enjoy the refreshments at the back of the auditorium and have fun speaking with your fellow officers. The room filled with the clamor of people shifting their chairs the and talking.CPT Kern bee-lined for the snack table hoping to beat the rush of people while also giving himself time to re-compose himself.Being in LTC Walds vicinity was much more manageable when his balls couldnt produce another load even if he had wanted to do so.Unfortunately, CPT Kern hadnt had the time to adequately prepare before todays event.

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LTC Walds eyes seemed to burn into CPT Kerns soul and for a brief second, CPT Kern wondered whether the man could read his damn mind with all of its sinful, lustful thoughts. CPT Kern was smart enough to realize he was being dismissed and quickly excited the room. It was late but he hoped to get a jump on the next days work.

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