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This cannot be done by merely citing the numerous ways in which one can get a bad date; nor is it achieved by concentrating on atypical cases.

Such information is certainly interesting, a healthy reminder of what can go wrong, but it is no threat to the radiometric dating methods which, after all, measure their successes on a statistical basis.

(Matson, 1993, p.2) Thus, Woodmorappe is acting more like a mechanic who informs a car owner of the many ways that her car can break down, who quotes numerous horror stories to illustrate his points.

Even if those horror stories were true, the mechanic has failed to prove that the lady's car needs repair, let alone junking.

(Woodmorappe, 1979, p.122) Sounds pretty grim, huh?

The data do not fall on any straight line and do not, therefore, form an isochron.

The original data are from a report by Wasserburg and others [1964], who plotted the data as shown but did not draw a 34-billion-year isochron on the diagram.

Seriously speaking, a favorite attack on radiometric dating involves dangling "horror stories" about gross errors before the reader, thus giving the impression that radiometric dating is totally unreliable.

Woodmorappe (1979), with his collection of some 350 bad radiometric dates, must surely be the master of that technique.

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A spectacular example showcased by Woodmorappe, though not actually listed in his table, deals with an example from California.

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