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Dating coach charleston

She is also the Author of “Fearless Love” – Growing Through Divorce, Dating and Divine Purpose to Heal, Thrive and Attract the Love You Desire.She writes and teaches on the topics of love, relationships, divorce, healing and divine purpose.

No more awkward blind dates, or trying to think of pick up lines, Charleston, WV Matchmakers pair the two of you based off your personality, interests, wants, and needs.You may ask yourself, "why should I pay someone for coaching and advice when I can go out and get a dating book?" Well, a book won’t accompany you in the field and hold you accountable for your success and your failures in dating.Leslie is based out of Charleston, SC and works with clients all over the country.When she is not coaching clients or writing, she is practicing meditation, enjoying the beach, time with her two grown children and grandson as well as her French Bulldog - Pookie. Several packages available including: Private one on one Coaching Programs from 3-12 months. In person breakthrough sessions to eliminate negative emotions using an innovative and fast approach using Time Line Therapy®.

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