Creation radioactive dating

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Many organisms would have been buried very quickly and fossilized.

Also, recent catastrophes show that violent events like the flood described in Genesis could form many rock layers very quickly. Helens eruption in Washington state produced 25 feet (7.6 meters) of finely layered sediment in a And a rapidly pumped sand slurry was observed to deposit 3 to 4 feet (about 1 meter) of fine layers on a beach over an area the size of a football field.

And there is a vertical tree trunk that penetrates several rock layers (hence the term fossil).

If the upper sedimentary layers really took millions or even hundreds of years to form, then the top of the tree trunk would have rotted away.

One is a 7-foot (2m) long ichthyosaur (extinct fish-shaped marine reptile) fossilized while giving birth.

Another is a fish fossilized in the middle of its lunch.

But because of their naturalistic bias, they prefer, of course, to reject the explanation of the Genesis (global) flood.

The Bible states that man was made six days after creation, about 6,000 years ago.

presents what it claims is evidence for vast time spans.

This is graphically illustrated in a chart on pages 36–37: man’s existence is in such a tiny segment at the end of a 5-billion-year time-line that it has to be diagrammatically magnified twice to show up.

This chapter analyzes rock formation and dating methods in terms of what these two competing models would predict.

The vast thicknesses of sedimentary rocks around the world are commonly used as evidence for vast age.

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Sedimentation experiments by the creationist Guy Berthault, sometimes working with non-creationists, have shown that fine layers can form by a self-sorting mechanism during the settling of differently sized particles.

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