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" she added, encouraging her audience to get excited and prompting feeble applause."So, how are you feeling about dating at this point? "I think they felt bad," Marx observed, miming the reluctant-sounding clapping."No, it's all brand new to me," the 50-year-old singer said.

"So I'm just having fun."Couric also noted during the interview that Marx went to high school in Chicago with her fiancé, John Molner."I never particularly liked him," the singer cracked, quickly adding, "We weren't, like, pals, but I think we played on every sports team together.

Whatever Donna's role is, she will always find a way to look out for those closest to her.

She was totally right to have reservations about making Holly a permanent fixture at the firm.

Let's hope he did not take Nathan's words as compliments.

The sad thing is that Rachel now knows what Mike is up to and will need to keep it from Donna and Harvey if they question why her man keeps disappearing.Yes, he wants to be a support unit for his girlfriend, but he needs to learn to let her deal with something on her own if she wants to.The big positive from this storyline was that Louis finally progressed.He seemed too far gone a few weeks back, but now he understands that his actions are not rational. She thought by taking on her new title as COO that she would be looked up to by her colleagues.However, if Louis starts making irrational decisions on Suits Season 7 Episode 6, I will legit throw my remote at the television set. That's not a big ask when you're essentially the mother goose who keeps everyone in line.

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It's understandable that the prison storyline is personal to Mike because of all the crap that happened to him when he was on the inside, but it would have made things much easier if Mike told Oliver to accept the payout.