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Sure enough, that’s how it ended up and Lydia Martin was born. It was nice that it was definitely thinking out of the box. They can put this out to the masses, so it was nice to get to do that. When we first got the script, MTV was a reality network, so to see something this dark, smart, original and well written was kind of a shock.

As much as I don’t like to read, “He’s a jerk and a jock,” I went in and wore a letterman jacket, and a few auditions later, I found out I was going to go to Atlanta. Originally, I was just supposed to be a guest star. You never know how your role is going to progress, but we had such a blast doing it. So, reading the pilot episode, I was just really drawn in by the characters and the storylines, and could really see that (show creator) Jeff [Davis] had a very clear idea of where he wanted the story to go, and left it very open to take its own twists and turns, to not be so predictable. Did you guys all get a chance to be collaborative throughout this process and bring some of yourselves to these characters? I originally asked Jeff about not having the popular girl be that stereotypical, stock character who doesn’t have the intellect as well.

It really starts to get involved in the families and why they are the way they are.

I call it the unraveling of the rope because you see the surface of what seems like stereotypical characters, and Jeff definitely pulls out of his sleeve, like a magician, things that you would not expect happening to these people and why they have the relationships that they do with their friends and how we start to become more involved with each other.

HAYNES: In the pilot, you’re introduced to these stereotypical characters, whether it be the brooding older werewolf or the jock or the popular girl. HOECHLIN: It’s fun for me because Derek is kind of the mystery of the show and every episode is just as much of a mystery to me.

Having been turned by Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) after his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) encourages him to go out into the woods at night in search for a dead body, Scott becomes faster and stronger, making him the arch rival of the lacrosse team’s star Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) and bringing him to the attention of popular girl Lydia Martin (Holland Roden).

And, when mysterious new girl Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) shows up in town, Scott learns a secret about her family that could put an end to their romance before it really even gets started.

"What, am I supposed to throw him a surprise party when he turns sixteen? You're a werewolf, and I'm a vampire, have some cake'-” The sound of Holland's high pitched laughter cut him off, “It's not funny!

Gone was the wide-eyed, chubby-cheeked baby boy, and in his place stood a lanky teenager with stormy eyes and a brow that spoke of fiery Louis is having a hard time accepting the fact that Harry is growing up; Harry resents this.

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